Saturday, September 28, 2013

Welcome to The Latch Resort

My mom, Alex and I came up with the idea to start up this blog together when she visited me recently for the birth my first baby. You never really know when a baby is coming so she gambled and arrived the day before my due date on Labor Day, funnily enough.
My mom must have a very relaxing effect on me because within hours after her arrival I started having ernest signs of impending labor. I'll stifle the urge to talk for miles about my Birth (which my twin sister, Dido and of course my incredible husband, Doug were also with me for) and just say that by early after noon the next day I'd given birth to my first wee son, Callum Fox. Happily, we then had a whole two weeks for my mom to stay with us and act as our postpartum doula, moral support, lactation consultant and general couldn't-do-it-without help.
What occurred to me very early was that though there is plenty of information about Birth, Babies and Breastfeeding out there, it is harder to find answers to questions without there being some kind of underlying agenda. In a world where everyone is trying to cover their own asses it is near impossible to find feedback about topics that matter in the crucial postpartum period that feels honest, intuitive and conversational. It all felt to me very...unfriendly. Disconnected.
I had an overall great experience learning (yes, learning) to breastfeed. But there were definite bumps along the way... Some of which are recurring and I expect more to come. There is a surprising lack of advice, information, conversation online without the annoying interruption of just-in-case warnings about worst case scenario Breastfeeding problems and the ever present SIDs.
We want this to be a place for awareness and friendly, loving, respectful conversation. Not another resource for medical and technical information- treating women and their babies as a one-size-fits all relationship.
We encourage you to please get in touch and join our conversation. The more the merrier.
Whether a seasoned parent, expecting mamma or pappa, curious baby-enthusiast, or new parent at your wits end we hope you find The Latch Resort is the place for you.

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